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Life Coaching and Mental Health Counseling


Online, anywhere you are

In Person, located in Virginia Beach, VA


"I am able to deal with stress and anxiety."

"It was very grounding and useful."

"A great help on addressing my life crisis."

"Very helpful... totally worth it. Thank you!"

"It helped me save my life."

"I finally feel understood."

"Easy to talk to."

"Genuine, truly caring...

a positive impact on my life!"

"I thank God for Emily, her wisdom, and her help."

"Non-judgmental help I needed"

"A lifeline when I really needed it."


Real words spoken by real clients.


People who were once sad, alone, anxious, out of control, in difficult relationships, or otherwise struggling with problems in living. Do you have a need that we can help you resolve? It would be an honor to serve you.


to wavecrest!


Have you ever you found yourself or a loved one struggling with painful feelings, distressing thoughts, or destructive or unhelpful behaviors? 

You are not alone. 


Are you or a loved one overwhelmed with symptoms of anxiety, loss, depression, mood issues, behavioral disorders, addiction, or other problems in living?

We can help.


     At Wavecrest, we use cutting edge, well researched, and effective clinical psychotherapy and counseling methods to help you find relief, foster growth, and, above all, regain hope. Let us be part of your journey toward healing, peace, and your rediscovery of joy in your life. Here, we view counseling as optimization rather than fixing something. It is about gaining clarity, working to improve, healing on your own terms, reducing suffering, becoming empowered, learning that you can live the life you want, and learning how to do it.


     I offer compassionate, personalized, and confidential therapy to young people, adults, couples, families, and groups.  My goal is to help clients rediscover and reclaim their authentic self.   Utilizing multiple therapeutic models including CBT, Time Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy, I will work alongside you to help you discover your healing and restoration.  Treatment is highly personalized to ensure that you are receiving only the most appropriate treatment methods in the most effective manner.

​     We are aware that many clients are employed or enrolled in school and cannot take off from work or class on a regular basis to seek counseling.  We are pleased to offer our patients afternoon, evening, and Saturday appointments as well as the traditional daytime appointments offered elsewhere. Depending on your specific needs, Wavecrest also offers asynchronous therapy or life coaching, providing even greater flexibility.


There is a real stigma about mental health and seeking treatment for it. And that is so unfortunate because it can stop people that know they want something different, or something better for themselves from seeking professional help. Yes- It takes courage to reach out; yet it's the first step on the path towards hope, happiness, and health. If getting to your authentic, healthiest self is what you desire, don't let the stigma stop you.

     Comfortable and confidential treatment is within reach. Take the first step: you are in the driver's seat! Many people that I meet and work with are concerned about one big thing: confidentiality. Due to the stigma oftentimes attached to getting treatment, or more practical matters, like jobs requiring a security clearance or a pending divorce... it can really matter! I am very sensitive to these concerns and can tell you: the only person that will know you are in counseling is whoever you tell. Please don't let such concerns be what keeps you from seeking treatment.

     I look forward to working with you and would be honored to accompany you on your way. Please reach out today. We can do this together.

Wishing you the very best,

Emily Bura, LPC, CSAC, CPSC

Services Offered

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Couples/ Relationship Counseling

Doing it Together

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Individual Counseling

A Happier You


Family Counseling

Building a Team

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Online Counseling or Life Coaching

Wherever You Need

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Asynchronous Life Coaching

Whenever You Need


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