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Tricare Information

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Most Wavecrest clients will file claims with Tricare East:

TRICARE East claims

PO Box 7981

Madison, WI 53707-7981

Wavecrest is considered a "Tricare Authorized, Non-Network Non-Participating Provider." This means you pay the cash rate upfront and then send paperwork to Tricare for reimbursement. Please ensure that you have these benefits available to you, and that you understand what is required by Tricare. Wavecrest cannot guarantee reimbursement by Tricare and is unable to provide any refunds in case of a denial.


The following information and links from Tricare may be helpful. Updated 8/17/2023

What are some examples of when a beneficiary would see a non-network provider? 

• When using Tricare Select, Tricare Reserve Select, Tricare Retired Reserve, Tricare Young Adult 

• If the beneficiary is enrolled in TRICARE Prime, a non-network provider can only be seen if: 

    -The Point-of-Service (POS) option is utilized 

    - It’s approved by the regional contractor because no other providers were available

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